Come join us on our first holiday bazaar and discover uniquely inspired one of a kind gifts this holiday season and surprise your loved ones with something artistic.Featuring a curated selection of Hong Kong innovative designers. A truly unexpected holiday shopping experience. **We'll be serving nespresso and cookies to warm you right up as you shop :)


AUGUST 16, 17, and 18, 9PM

$200 Including Champagne - Make your Booking:

Voxfire Gallery is pleased to present you “Lost in Lantau” Photo Exhibition by Derrick Chang. A story about a traditional tofu dessert (tofu fa) maker,Mok Kau Moon on Lantau Island. This photography exhibition is a celebration of his life, his craft and highlights the social predicament of elderly people living alone in Hong Kong. *Part of the sales will go to Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

聲花畫廊很高興為您介紹與攝影師Derrick Chang 帶來的“出水之失”攝影展, 一個關於梅窩無人不曉的豆腐花伯伯-球叔的故事.本次展覽旨在向球叔及其踐行一生的傳統技藝致敬,亦希望借此突顯香港獨居長者之境況。

3 YEARS CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA - When Skateboarding meets art. Challenge Skateboards SDA 2012 - Skate Deck Art – customized collectibles presented by Skullcandy is an initiative devoted to skateboarding, street and urban art & music.Held once a year across China, the exhibition tour has become an institution, challenging the concept of functional art by combining a selection of international artists and local voices with an unsurpassed program of showcasing art, live painting, skateboarding and music. CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA 2012 PRESENTED BY SKULLCANDY continues to stun people across China with a breed of unique designs on skateboards. Unlike anything else, Challenge Skateboards SDA connects boardsports with art and design. Artworks of emerging and well known artists, graffiti and urban artists, tattoo artists, athletes,collaborations between Japan & China, first time participants and Challenge Skateboards SDA veterans… all this and more can be seen during the CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA 2012 PRESENTED BY SKULLCANDY exhibition tour. 

CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA 2012 presented by Skullcandy comprises of 34 artworks by 31 artists including ANDC, Maxime “S3” Archambault, CEET, Thierry Chow, ESOW, Matthew Faulkner,Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano, Sonya Fu, GAS, Phil Hayes, janesnation, Jlee Ho Lam, Shann Larsson, Pierre-Étienne Massé, Mark Mi, NOISE, NOMATTSLAND, Pan Yulong and Wu Yirong, Miles “Mlo Tomtom”Pasick, Miguel Payano, Mark Ryan, SEVEN, Shen Jing Dong, Shigeru Ishihara and Wang Lei, Wang Si Jia,Wong Tinyan, Peter Yuill , Zhan Wei. And 96k

As Tuan Yi Fu says in Escapism, imagination is the only way out of reality. And artworks are the products of imagination. Being an artist living in Hong Kong, a fast paced, affluent city in southeast Asia, Carol Ho's strong expressive paintings can be considered as her own artistic response to the external visual stimulation from the city through the medium of painting, and her works can be perceived as pictures depicting the psyche of people in this tiny but highly populated place. Ho's paintings show the faceted visual experience of a metropolis. The diverse and yet rich visual images in her works are either inspired or sourced from the mass media, from traditional fashion magazines, digital photos, icons, animations etc. Through recreating these images, the puzzling and strange figures in Ho's paintings convey the fantasy of mobilising differences of sexuality and social status, the interchangeable backgrounds in her paintings also hint at the lack of a sense of place in a globalised capitalistic world.
Carol Ho, 2012
作為一位香港藝術家,生活在東南亞裡快節奏和富裕的城市,何藹恩表達強烈的畫作可以通過繪畫的手法作為她從城市對外的視覺刺激藝術反應做回響,她的作品可被視為在這 細小但人口高度密集的地方描繪著人的心靈。何的畫展示了一種大都市多方面的的視覺體驗。她作品中那多樣化及擁有豐富色彩的圖像是傳統的時尚雜誌、數碼照片、圖標、和動畫等。通過重新繪畫這些圖像,在何的畫作中那令人不解和怪異的人物轉達了虛幻調集的性別和社會地位的差異。在她輕易變化的背景裡也暗示在一個全球化資本主義世界缺乏了一種地方意識。


February 24 – March 31, 2012

Gold serves as a base of value with a base value – in fact a base value that is one of the core foundations of the worldwide economy. The G.O.L.D. show focuses on the everyday life of eight artists and how they live and thrive in our highly money-driven and financial-focused metropolis, where we live and breathe materialism. It explores how materialistic ideals interact with the artists' thoughts and practices.The exhibition features eight Hong Kong-based Goldsmith art degree graduates currently actively involved in the local art scene. The collection of multi-generational artists will be invited to express their thoughts on the subject: how does our highly commercial society determine “base value”? And examine the purpose and meaning of value as applied to their artistic life, bringing into question how their own set of values and the social values meet ? In a city like Hong Kong, the valuation of a piece of art is usually based on its market worth and, as a result, artistic creativity is usually underestimated if the work does not meet the sales expectations. But would that devalue the “base value” of the creativity of the work itself?

黃金作為一個價值與基準值的基礎 - 一個全球經濟的基本價值核心基礎之一。G.O.L.D.展示著重於日常生活的八位藝 術家,他們如何生活及發展在這高度資金推動和金融中心的大都市,呼吸著唯物主 義。這展覽探討了唯物主義怎樣與藝術家的想法進行交互。 展覽展出了八個以香港為基地,目前正積極參與本地藝術界的Goldsmith藝術系的 畢業生。請來多代的藝術家表達對這個問題的看法:在我們的高度商業化的社會 裏如何確定“基準值”?和研究怎樣於自己的藝術生命價值和意義裏面得到平衡 ,提出了怎樣滿足自己的一套價值觀和社會價值觀? 在香港這樣的城市,一件藝術品的估值通常是根據其市場價值,因此, 如果那藝術品未達到銷售的預期, 藝術創意 就會被看低。但作品本身 創意會不會因那“基本價值” 而被貶低?

Artist Statement -


Dictation is an act of learning in school that we are all familiar with ever since we are a child. It requires a person to carefully reproduce the original from memory with the intention of improving our basic skill of reading and writing. It prove one can spell and remember, but it does not mean one necessarily understands the meaning of the words or the use them. 


Culture is rooted in a history of habits, values and ways of thinking. We live our everyday lives based on this culture. We follow the norm and our culture to create our identity. Our lifestyle, the way we think and idea of value are dictated to us by culture. To understand our identity, we often rely on studying our ancestry and mistake that for our own history without understanding how it relates to us as an individual. In times, we use our cultural references for granted and stereotype others.


Could we exist without our cultural ancestry? How do we find a balance between our individuality and our shared identity?

Hong Kong born and raised Chinese Artist Joe Joe Ngai shares his view on the subject through the series of pencil drawings based on traditional ink painting.




我們可否不活於前人文化的柳蔭下?我們如何在個體性及文化共同體中找到平衡?土生土長的香港藝術家Joe Joe Ngai,以鉛筆畫系列,將中國傳統水墨畫再現,闡述他對主題的觀點。


KaleidosManic - An Exhibition of Fragmented Proportions

July 14, 2011 - August 6, 2011

Voxfire Gallery is excited to present KaleidosManic, a mixed media collage exhibit by artist Ko Tak Kit. 

Opening reception party will be held on Thursday July 14 from 6pm - 9pm. 

Come and see modern day HK through the artist's kaleidoscopic lenses.

Artist Statement:

Creativity and joy can be found in the most unlikely of places, including piles of old newspaper and stacks of worn magazines. In them I have discovered a fascinating medium that is not only dynamic and vibrant, but whose contents can be wildly shuffled and redefined to ignite new ideas and fresh perspectives. This made me put my love of pastel painting and ceramic making aside, as I found myself immersed in the words and images of modern day newspapers and magazines, weaving endless layers of colorful stories in the form of collages. 

With no particular topic in mind, I dive into each collage piece by letting my mind, my eyes, and my fingers wander freely. The result is each work following a unique destiny, peppered with both joy and sorry, unconsciously reflecting on inter personal relationships and the world we live in.


Among the Lambs Clothed in White

Artists:  Rebearth X NML

Show Dates: April 29 – May 28, 2011

Among the Lambs Clothed in White is a collaborative art exhibit featuring NML, a rising visual artist, illustrator and winner of Perspective Magazine’s “40 under 40” emerging artist award, and Rebearth, a dynamic music artist and lyricist.

ALCW will feature paintings combined with unique musical track and poetry to tell the fantastical journey of a young girl’s adventures in self-discovery as she seeks purpose, meaning, and ultimate “holy grail” called Happiness.  



As part of the exhibit, the gallery space will be transformed into a magical surrounding with sculptures and lighting installations.

Visitors will be given a music player to listen to excerpts of the music as they enjoy the series of fantastic paintings and lyrical poetry.

About the Artists:

NML – A rising visual artist, painter and illustrator, NML’s work simultaneously stretches our imagination and invites us to discover truths in ourselves as well as the world we live in.

Rebearth – A composer and a poet/MC, Rebearth’s eclectic style reflects negativity to reveal positive energy, taking his listeners on a captivating musical excursion and self-exploration.

We are super excited to be participating in this year's HK Artwalk, which will be held on March 16th from 5:00pm - 12:00am!  It's for a good cause so grab your tickets and stop by our gallery that night for wine and munchies and sexy artwork.  See below for more info:


Hong Kong ArtWalk 2011 Background Information

Hong Kong ArtWalk is a one-night event that raises money for charity by selling tickets (HK$450 adults and HK$150 tertiary students) to the public. ArtWalk 2011 will be held on Wednesday 16th of March 2011 between 5pm to 12midnight and ticket-holders enter each participating gallery to view art, drink wine provided by galleries and eat snacks provided by ArtWalk’s restaurant sponsors.

A charitable donation is made from the sale of ArtWalk tickets to a selected Hong Kong charity. Over the past few years the benefiting charity has been the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) – SoCO will again be the benefiting charity for ArtWalk 2011 and last year received HK$428,000 in donations from ArtWalk. For information about SoCO please see:

ArtWalk 2011 is the eleventh year that ArtWalk has been held and this year will involve the participation of 65 galleries. The first ArtWalk (in 2001) involved ten galleries and last year we had 63 galleries, 60 restaurant sponsors and sold about 1,400 tickets. Since its inception, ArtWalk has distributed charitable donations totalling HK $5 million to Hong Kong charities.

For more information on participating galleries and ticket sales: 

Sunday Night Movie: Oscar Nominated "Exit Through the Gift Shop"


Spend your Sunday night with fellow art lovers! :D

Voxfire Gallery will be screening this year's Oscar nominated film "EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP" by the legendary and notoriously reclusive street artist Banksy on Sunday Feb 27, the night before the OSCARS.

"EXIT" explores the wildly bizarre world of street art, and the ambition of an individual looking for (and finding??) overnight super-stardom in the art world.

New York Times gave the film 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rotten Tomato gave it 5 stars!

Film Trailer:

★ ☆★ ☆★ 


Date: Sunday Feb 27
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Cost: $25 / pp to cover expenses
Drinks and light snacks will be provided.




HONG KONG, CHINA, January 24, 2011 – Voxfire Gallery is pleased to present a provocative show for the upcoming ‘month of love’.  Heat – an Exploration of Sex in Relationships is a multi-format art exhibition that pushes boundaries and challenges the creative output of 8 diverse emerging Hong Kong artists.  Their works of art will be showcased in mediums including paintings, drawings, digital artwork, photography and installation.  For the duration of the show, portions of proceeds from art sold will benefit the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation for work on HIV prevention.

The Heatexhibit explores sex a subject matter often idealized in today’s popular culture.  Films, television, and music have catapulted sex to a near holy-grail status in this society.  But have these fantasies and idealization of sex made us more open to the subject of sexuality in our personal lives?  Or have they actually made us become more self-conscious and timid about sex?  And how has this impacted the close interpersonal relationships we have with people in our lives?  These 8 diverse artists will explore the subject of sex through their unique perspectives and voices. From the humorous to the intimidating, from the romantic to the sensual, each artist boldly tackle the subject head on, getting the audience to think, feel, and most importantly, talk about sex.

Opening reception: Friday, February 11, 2011 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Show dates: February 12 to March 19, 2011. 

Participating Hong Kong based Artists:

JJ Ngai: Artist curator for Heat.  City and Guilds of London Art School

No Matt’s Land (NML):Art Institute of California and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Winner top “40 under 40” art award from Perspective Magazine

Yolanda Yeung:CUHK Fine Arts and past winner of Philippe Charriol Foundation award

Sonya Fu:Modernist digital artist inspired by dreams, psychology and emotions

Norm Yip:Fame photographer and abstract painter. Owner of Norm Yip photography and cofounder of Meli-Melo Artists Alliance (MMAA).  Celebrity photographer for Jennifer Lopez, Rain, and Zhang Yimou among others.

Lau Wai:Goldsmith College University of London fine arts.  First prize Small Pictures Exhibition, Salisbury Arts Centre, UK.

Florian Ma:  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. LVMH Young Artist Award.  Solo exhibition “Gene” currently at K11 Art Space, Hong Kong.

Nicola Wat:Emerging fashion designer and artist

Nelson Chan: Visual artist and film maker

Local Voices

Show dates: 6/12/2010 – 21/1/2011
Opening Reception
Sunday December 5, 2010
5:00pm – 8:00pm

LOCAL VOICES will feature three Hong Kong based artists spanning three generations, each sharing personal stories through their distinct and innovative works of art.

Using mixed media approaches, each artist explores issues of identity and societal conflicts in our fast-paced metropolis.

Come with an open mind and maybe you'll leave with a fresh perspective. Wine and light refreshments will be served. So come and unwind with us on Sunday December 5th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Local Voices