Artist Statement

Artist Statement - DICTATION

Since we are born, in addition to skin, muscle, bones and internal organs, also an identity. This identity is sometimes based on our physical characteristics, such as skin color and gender, but it might also base on our birth environment, background and age. Like it or not, we all inherited cultural practices from our ancestors, while others have inherited some of their own prejudices and expectations. Born in colonial Hong Kong, local artists Joe Joe Ngai has been particularly interested in the recognition of identity, from growing up in Hong Kong, the fuzzy recognition status of folk, later studying in the UK when there is full of curiosity, they are all the subjects during the study of art. From the latest series of Ngai’s work, DICTATION, he uses the basic Western penciling technique to imitate traditional Chinese brush strokes to transfer it back into Chinese art, this unique way of learning from mimicking other artists work causes a humorous discussion in the concept of identity stereotype.

陳述 - 背默