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Artist Background / Artist Statement

Artist Background

Ko Tak Kit is a true Hong Konger. Born in Guangdong and grew up in Hong Kong in the 60's, Ko came from an art upbringing, her father was a painter and poet in the later 30's and 40's. Ko's work strikes a rare balance between social commentary and personal identity while juxtaposing both. While her works make statements about the world we live in, it does so with a wink of optimism and a positive thirst for life. Ko splices multiple forms of media and brush strokes to create a dynamic visual collage.

In 1980, she moved to the United States with her family where her work began to infuse aspects of life in a foreign land. In 1996, Ko returned to Hong Kong and continued her work here. Fascinated by the message-overload and fanatic-consumerism culture in modern day Hong Kong, Ko's paper collage series continue to search for peace and tranquility in an attention-deficit 21st century Hong Kong. Her work has been highly personal and this is her first ever public showcase.

Artist Statement

Creativity and joy can be found in the most unlikely of places, including piles of old newspaper and stacks of worn magazines. In them I have discovered a fascinating medium that is not only dynamic and vibrant, but where meaning can be shuffled and redefined to ignite new ideas and fresh perspectives. This has caused me put my love of pastel and ceramic aside, as I immersed in the words and images of modern day newspapers and magazines, using them to weave endless layers of colorful stories in the form of paper collages. With no specific topic in mind, I dive into each new work by letting my eyes, my mind, and my fingers wander freely and intuitively. The results are pieces that each follows a distinctive destiny, reflecting both joy and sorrow, human relationships with one another and with the world we live in.


在舊報紙堆裡找到了樂趣和創意是難以想像的事情. 印刷品的色彩繽紛, 舊新聞重提記憶, 剌激着思緒, 誘發着創作意欲. 昔日常用的彩筆和陶泥暫置一旁. 今次的撕貼畫盡用了舊報紙裡的彩頁片片, 在過程中沒有主題, 隨手和眼睛選取彩紙碎片而作. 每幅畫作就是人之命運. 各有不同, 各有苦樂, 奇妙地拼貼出人間情,世間貌.