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Artist Statement

Lost in Lantau Photo Exhibition / 山水之失 攝影展

Show Dates: Jul 6 - 23, 2012.

(Part of the sales will be donated to Hong Kong Family Welfare Society 部份收益將撥捐香港家庭福利會)

Price per photograph HKD 1,000

Exhibition Introduction

There are very few individuals who employ traditional methods to produce tofu dessert (tofu fa) in Hong Kong today. Documentary photographer Derrick Chang made two visits to Mok Kau Moon’s wooden hut to document the traditional tofu dessert making process in 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately, after passing away after a brief illness in July 2010, the practice will probably never return to Mui Wo. This photo exhibition is dedicated to Mok Kau Moon on the 1st anniversary of his death - to celebrate his life, his craft and to highlight the social predicament of elderly people living alone in Hong Kong,

豆腐花,一種歷史悠久的中式甜點。 人稱「豆腐花伯伯」的豆腐花師傅莫球滿先生,於數年前與攝影師Derrick Chang結緣,為這門手藝,以照片形式作個歷史性的紀綠。Derrick曾兩度探訪球叔在梅窩木屋𥚃的「豆腐花作坊」進行拍攝。球叔於去年七月因病逝世,Derrick將為球叔所拍的照片結集,以紀念球叔,以及這門源遠流長的手藝。