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Voxfire Gallery, /F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


A solo water colour painting exhibition of Rainbow Tse

Take a stroll through Hong Kong's city life with the watercolour paintings by Rainbow Tse. Be it through narrow corners or large streets, we can take in the mesmerising, breath taking environment that we often miss in our hectic lifestyles. Local artist Rainbow Tse, known for her cityscapes and night scenes in presenting light and colour, will bring its viewers in this exhibition - the experience of a walk at night.

About the artist

Born in Hong Kong, Rainbow Tse is a local artist who specializes in watercolours, painting cityscapes and landscapes. She believes that many places and feelings are worthy of a story to tell, her artworks based on this concept are developed into a unique style knows for presenting lights, shadows and colours. Expressing certain moods and atmospheres, she hopes to bring these stories to life and for the audience to experience the scene and evoke memories of their own to relate.


香港,一個日間煩忙不休的城市;但一逢晚霞,就會幻化起另一片如幻如詩的景象。藝術家Rainbow Tse特意將這個時份的香港,以水彩畫作一一紀錄下來。

「欣賞Rainbow Tse的水彩畫作,尤如細緻地在漫遊香港的大街小巷,一步一步的被畫作的朦朧格調吸引進去,直至到慢慢看得見平常都不以為然的景色為止。本地藝術家Rainbow Tse以繪畫城市景象及夜色為主;夜色間的光影及色彩,會為觀賞者帶來一次-如展覧題目『A Walk at Night』的經驗。」


土生土長的Rainbow Tse以水彩顏料描繪城市景象及風景畫象見稱。謝氏相信,每一個地方、感覺都擁有各自獨有的故事可被訴說;她的作品就是以這個概念為本,再構成以光、影及色彩為重心畫面的一系列作品,表達一種特有的格調及氣氛。謝氏望以其作品,將屬於香港的夜間故事展現人前;令觀眾能一同回顧在相同的大街小巷裡,屬於各自的回憶、故事。

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