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Artist Statement

Lica, Lee Ya Ying

Without particular & unique topic & theme, just focusing on the banal objects as models to create my own language – fun, playful & humorous.

In this series of faceted 3-D paper portraits, Transformer, with the same face, I can create unlimited faces & facial expressions by folding the face drawing. Just like the family, with the same gene, it can create different family members. And each transformation is keep changing when the spectator change their point of view, which gives such playful creations with drama and comedy involved.

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)
  • Finalist in Philippe Charriol Foundation, 20th Annual Art Competition 2005
  • Finalist in “The Beauty of Miniature Prints in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Visual Arts Festival, New Vision Exhibition Series, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 2001