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關於Swallow Up:

Swallow Up的成立,是因有見不少城市人(包括我們)都在不自覺的情況下被城市吞噬了:每天,在開闢自己的生活,每天,卻被習以為常的生活吞沒。因此,我們希望能透過「白奴」與「黑奴」兩個設計角色,並藉著設計與文字,嘗試透過不同平台載體,如新詩、漫畫、攝影、散文、實驗、訪問、展覽,甚或與不同設計師、機構及慈善團體的合作等,從而把一己的思想化為另類的行動,望此能反映社會的部份現況,予大眾反思空間,亦好讓「存在緊」的我們,都能得到一份存在感。

About Swallow Up:

Every day, we witness people (including us) being swallowed by the big city unconsciously. We live every day to survive, we live every day just for yet another mundane day. We are so used to be devoured by routines that we do not realize it. Thus, we decided to found Swallow Up.

We hope that by using our tiny abilities – designing and writing, we can express our feelings towards our daily life on one hand, and reflect the happenings in our society and a space to reflect upon ourselves.

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