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Voxfire Gallery, /F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


A solo exhibition by Raymond Pang

It is not hard to see the meshes form in artist's works, all were linked with one another. These can be traced back to artist's memory of living on a fishing boat since young, these memories have always been imprinted on his mind and become a part of him.

For every event that one have encountered in life, for each feeling that one have felt and for everything that one have seen and thought are all closely linked together. There would never be a comprehension of the present without the thought that accumulated from the past. But life is always like: things that you do not want are always there, things that you want to retain are always leaving you.

Hong Kong nowadays seems to be swallowed up by its economic development, buildings are demolished and rebuilt repeatedly. Those old buildings in old urban area and relationship in old neighbourhood are slowly fading away. Artist's worries and anger towards this change can be seen from Raymond’s works.

Given that the artist's studio is located in the Western District of Hong Kong Island, facing its rapid development after the commissioning of the West Island Line of the MTR, everywhere is surrounded by construction sites, accompanied by the continuous noise caused by the piling works, artist was trying to release his emotion through the use of Chinese ink painting.

It can be seen from artist's another artwork 城中山水』which shows a clear distinction between the lines, reflecting artist's smooth and peaceful state of mind at that time, showing a high contrast when comparing with the artist's Chinese ink painting series.

Raymond Pang Bio

Originally trained as a graphic designer, sculptor Raymond Pang, a.k.a. Wave Idea, was born to a fisherman’s family in Hong Kong and spent most of his adolescence at sea. Critically acclaimed for his spontaneous and instinctive style, Pang engages with concepts of organic forms depicting whales, ripples and waves in his sculptures and drawings. 
Using humble materials such as stone, wood and copper wire, Pang’s artwork demonstrates a soft, sensual touch. His ongoing search for serenity of soul is a process that caused by insomnia which drove him to repetitive drawings of abstract scenarios that reflect his unsettled state of mind.

As an active member of Wesculptor, an organisation formed by a group of sculpture enthusiasts in Hong Kong, Pang took part in public artworks exhibitions, with his artworks appeared at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Aberdeen Promenade, Shek Kip Mei Public Housing Development and Sai Kung District Council Public Art Project before.

Pang’s works have also been exhibited at various art shows and galleries, to name a few, including Eslite in Taipei, MOCA Shanghai, Zhaongshan Expo Centre, Seoul IFC mall, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong such as the Former Police Married Quarters (PMQ), Youth Square, Cyberport Arcade, Fotanian Open Studio, Saatchi Gallery(LONDON), Fringe Club Hong Kong (PREMIER SOLO EXHIBITION).

扣 思 Entangled







彭金有(Raymond Pang),又名Wave Idea,在香港土生土長,漁民子弟出生,喜歡戶外兢賽活動,在港從事平面設計多年,之後曾修讀陶藝、雕塑等課程。



而發表作品地點曽展出在台北誠品、上海當代藝術館 、 韓國首爾 IFC 商場 ,中山博覧中心、香港藝術中心、香港大會堂、香港茶具文物館、香港視覺藝術中心、中區舊已婚警察宿舍(PMQ) 、 香港柴青年廣場、 香港數碼港商場 、 伙炭創作室開放日 、 Saatchi Gallery(LONDON) 、香港藝穗會(首個多媒體展覽)。

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