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Voxfire Gallery, /F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

About the Artist Aisha 'Moon', Johnson

Aisha Moon Johnson is originally from Brooklyn NYC and began shooting photography while living in Atlanta. She is now a multimedia artist working and living in Hong Kong, with a focus in music, illustration and photography.

Her works are inspired by subcultures that are in the precarious position of having been mainstreamed. While masses adapt to the surface of these cultures, there are those who approach it as though it is their life force and as such, their perspective tends to be a bit different as they live on the edges: of their society, of their culture, and of their mind. Her overall work is about understanding those perceptions.

Aisha earned her Master of Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong. She lives, works, and plays for Hip Hop, photography, and “四川狗肉” - her beloved dog.

Statement about the Exhibition

Albatross (n): A metaphor for a psychological burden that feels like a curse....

Nevermind your economic, professional, or social standing; it is haunting and taunting you, always. You can hide from your friends and family, but you can never hide from yourself. You may move from place to place, but when you’re living in the big city, your problems are only intensified. Just Enuf takes a look at how individuals cope with their burdens in isolation. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and if you’re lucky, whatever you do will be JUST ENUF to get by.

About the artist - Aisha 'Moon', Johnson | Artist Statement