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Chan Ching Wah

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chan Ching Wah's artistic approach is one that is reflective versus reactive. As an artist, Chan would immerse into an experience, allowing herself time to simmer in the essence of an emotional feeling or observation before actually beginning the art creation process.

Chan believes that art making is about engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the work all the while folding in new discoveries along the way. The results are paintings and drawings layered with multiple stories and perspectives.

As a true local Hong Kong artist, Chan Ching Wah has been involved in the Hong Kong visual arts scene for almost three decades. She has held multiple exhibitions, both solo and collaborative, at various venues including the Fringe Club, Para/Site Art Space and the First Institute of Art and Design. Chan currently resides and works in Hong Kong's Lantau Island.

Chan Ching Wah

Bar Bender Series

One summer day in July 2007, the number 8 Typhoon signal was hoisted in the city. On the evening news, an anxious reporter was covering a group of multicultural bar benders marching towards the main government building in Central. Instead of being home with their families during the storm, these bar benders took to the streets and chanted slogans, some even laid down on the pavement in the midst of the violent winds and torrential rain.

Why were they out there? It turned out these men who worked every day to build this city were simply demanding fair pay and guaranteed work hours. To be heard they had no option but to brave the storm and take to the streets.

The bar bender strike continued for 36 days. Under the intense summer heat, the bar benders and their scorched skin and bare backs shouted, "Yes I can carry a bar of steel. But no I can't even carry my own family!"

I ventured out to the rallies to meet the bar benders first hand. And returned to the studio to capture their tumultuous experience.