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Ko Tak Kit

Ko Tak Kit was brought up in an artistic household, her father being a painter in the 1940s. Ko's work strikes a rare balance between social commentary and personal identity while juxtaposing both. While her works make statements about the world we live in, it does so with a wink of optimism and a positive thirst for life. Ko splices multiple forms of media and brush strokes to create a dynamic visual collage.

Born in Canton and raised in Hong Kong, Ko was active in the student movements of the 1970s. In 1980, she moved to the United States with her family where her work began to infuse aspects of life in a foreign land. In 1996, Ko returned to Hong Kong and continued her work here. Fascinated by the message-overload in our modern society, Ko's paper collage series continue to search for peace and tranquility in an attention-deficit 21st century Hong Kong. Her work has been highly personal and this will be her first public showcase.