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About Michael Lam / Artist Statement

About Michael Lam

MICHAEL LAM, born in Hong Kong in 1977, has been interested in painting from a very early age. He works in a variety of media -- Oil and Lacquer on canvas and pencil on paper; his painting style is abstract & surrealism. While he had taught body art in a make-up school, his Body Painting works had appeared in many events. Michael's pieces have been nominated and awarded in numerous artistic events. His works are extremely popular among local and international collectors from countries like Singapore, France, England, Japan, China and Australia.

林氏1977年出生於香港和自幼習畫 , 以抽象畫及超現實主義為創作藍本, 利用油彩、 漆油和混合素材等媒介繪畫 。 之後,林氏研究視覺藝術、人體彩繪和壁畫藝術等,亦參與不同的媒體工作和展覽會。 他的獨特風格深受本地及海外的私人公司和買家收藏,包括新加坡、巴黎、英國、中國、東京、澳洲 等地方, 他的作品在很多宴會和展覽上都得到獎項和提名。

林氏與不同的私人機構和國際品牌合作;包括蘭桂坊酒店 LKF Hotel, 海港城 HARBOUR CITY、時代廣場 TIMES SQUARE、 KEE CLUB、國泰航空公司 CATHAY PACIFIC、美國運通卡 AMERICAN EXPRESS、伯爵錶 PIAGET、法國蘭金 LANCOME、克麗絲汀 DIOR、 LOEWE、 LONGCHAMP、 ESCADA 、REMY MARTIN和 Salvatore Ferragamo 。

Mind over soul 精神支配心靈

Nature and the entire human race harmonize stories of lives; Every of us are collaborated by thoughts and subconscious. Mental depression inspired our souls, and the inner world of the vastness of the huge and full of mystery, inspired endless space.

Human mind, however, dominates the desires, visions, strength, emotional and physical; and simultaneously spiritual energy dominates the new deep thinking, wisdom and civilization, to create illusory elements into their own country.

生命的故事源於大自然與人類互相共融 , 我們的本性來自潛意識與思維所結合 , 精神上的壓抑啓發了我們的心靈 , 而這個内心世界浩瀚之巨大又充滿神秘感 , 啓發無窮無盡的空間。

然而人性的心靈支配着慾望、幻相、力量、情感和肉體;我們同時地把精神能量支配着新的深層思想、智慧和文明 , 將虛幻元素創造成屬於自己的國度。