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About Maya

What we perceive as truth is often misguided by partial understanding and pragmatic beliefs, and how we gain knowledge of truth is influenced by emotions and sense perception. Essentially, our understanding of the world is based on our own projection of the world, such illusion is described by the Sanskrit word Maya.

The idea of that an ultimate truth exists is comforting, but unrealistic. The show questions the relationship between perception and reality. Sze and Michael created a collection of work that address the limitations of our perception and challenge our concept of reality.


About Sze.C


Hong Kong born and educated local talent artist, started her professional career as a tattoo artist in 2003 when she apprenticed with one of the most respected tattoo masters in Thailand. Sze.C has been running her own tattoo studio almost 10 years and she is one of the well-known tattoo artist in Hong Kong. She entered this unique profession as a result of her passion for art and design, sketching and drawing from a young age and cultivating her creative skills throughout her teenage years. Sze.C spends her spare time immersed in the art culture, constantly drawing and creating inspirational art pieces, since 2006 she exhibited few solo exhibitions and performance art show called BodyRock; and recently her artwork be selected display at the Biennale of Santorini, Greece 2012.

Maya / Men

In the realm of mine, 1 is red, 2 is purple, 3 is green. Playing the piano, I smell ‘Do’ in the essence of vanilla, ‘Re’ in the essence of rosemary. Number is colour, music note is smell, and this is the realm of mine. I ask, is my world more fascinating than yours? Or yours is more real than mine? You say, are you men? Certainly yes, I reply. Then, you say, seems like you are bit of abnormal. Abnormality to you is normal to mine, I then reply. The realm of mine is unique, my own. Idiosyncratic, I say. I am the only person can sense the smell of vanilla when the sound of ‘Do’ starts; see the red in 1, the green in 3 when the digit flashes.

This narrator is synaesthete, a condition that describes a person unify senses, the stimulation of the person’s one sensory automatically activate the involuntary experience of the other sensory.  To majority of us, this seems like delusions; to synaesthetes, this is their acute feeling of reality. So, what is the feeling of reality? Our feelings do exist, we identity and acquire knowledge of matter according to names and forms, we interpret what is real according to feeling. We believe what we see, hear and smell represent what is real.

In the realm of reality, this is not how it is. The Sanskrit word Maya describes the illusion of the feeling, that is feeling is unreal. Strong represents men, they are tall and strong, have chests as wide as ocean and have the deep voice. Women is represented by their softness and timidity, they are small, have shoulder blades like butterflies wings. However, have we ever thought about, this might be an illusion? The maker wants to hide men’s fragile heart, covers the strong heart of women with the shape of the bodies. The opposite attracts, men and women embrace, embrace the reality with the illusion of each kind.

Black and white, the blurred photographs imprint the images with clarity, confusion; finesse, roughness; delicacy, sturdiness; all too sudden to me with the images of her while I was travelling. The images of her are different from what I see in reality. I could no longer read her, an illusion? How could I possibly read her? I am not her. Who is she, the real person I see, I could no longer imagine. This tattoo artist wants to use the body and the language of it to reflect what she sees in Maya. After all, the tattoo is not permanent, at the end, the body changes, and passes away and into the soil. Men and women, love and lust, naively romanticise the endless love with the transient amorous feeling of the skin, once it stopped; we push ourselves to the brim of heartaches. After all, everything changes, you change, and I change. After all, there is no endless love and endless pain. In the end, this is all Maya, the illusion of the feeling.


在我的眼裡,1是紅色的,2是紫色的, 3是綠色的。在彈鋼琴的時候,‘Do’有雲呢拿香,‘Re’是迷迭香。這是我的世界,數位是色彩,音符是味道。你說呀,是我的世界更有趣還是你的世界更真實?你問,你是人嗎?我說是,當然;你接著又問,你好像不太正常?我笑笑說,正常?我很正常呀,只是我擁有一份與眾不同,一片只屬於我自己的小天地。僅自己自己才能聞到‘Do’的雲呢拿香,看見紅色的1,綠色的3。


在真實的世界中,並非如此。梵文Maya闡述了感覺的幻相,也就是感覺的不真實。男人代表著堅強,他們有高大的身形,和大海般寬闊的胸膛。女人代表了柔弱,她們嬌小,有著蝴蝶翅般的肩胛.可是我們是否有想過,這可能是幻相?造物者需要將男人內心的脆弱用他們外形的堅強來掩飾,又將女人內心的剛強用她們形象的纖弱來遮擋。相互吸引,男女相依,用幻相,幻想擁抱彼此的真相。 Maya道出了真實的反意。

黑白相間,朦朧中的清晰,含糊;細膩,粗獷;精緻,豪放;來得突然,旅途中,在車廂,翻閱一張張思用肢體語言表達的照相,不知所錯的感覺油然而生。相片方塊中的思和我認識的她顯得截然不同。我讀不懂她,這難道是幻相?我又怎麼能讀懂她?我不是她。到底什麼是真實的她,我不知道。這位紋身師想透過身體來表現她對於Maya的理解。畢竟,看似永久的紋身並非永恆,身體在變,最終入土死亡。男男女女,七情六欲,天真的將肌膚之情用羅曼蒂克的情懷記載愛情的延綿,一旦失去這短暫感官刺激,我們不能自拔,頹廢的將自己推向心如刀絞的懸崖上。畢竟,一切變幻莫測,環境在變,你變,我變。畢竟,沒有永遠的愛,沒有無止盡的痛。最終,那是Maya ,感覺的幻相。

Corinna Ko 高媛