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Voxfire Gallery, /F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Mischievous: showing a playful desire to cause trouble.The artform of street art and graffiti, are a bit of mischief, but also is dire need of communication of art and ideas. Mischievous is a showcase of several artists that will be on display at Voxfire Gallery, located in historic Central, Hong Kong.

Artists from Asia to America will display their talents using a vast of variety of different mediums and techniques. On display will be prints, drawings, along with photographs from artists that have been involved with our Mischief brand, along with original photos of works under our Secret Walls™ license.

Artists on display are:

  • Bao [Hong Kong]
  • Kenji Chai [Malaysia]
  • Uncle [Hong Kong]
  • Rainbo [Hong Kong]
  • Kenji Takabayashi aka Python [New York / Japan]
  • Stern Rockwell [New York / Hong Kong]

About MischiefTM

Mischief is an art and content driven event and service business. Its number one objective is to provide a platform for Asian and International artists to showcase their work. This is done through multiple channels and routes to market. We believe in producing quality, exciting content through collaborations, mixed media, and other formats.

Our ethos is to create an inclusive, 'fun' company that engages our customers, those that are employed by us, and merges both for a satisfying work experience. Our 3 main business areas: We have adapted these for different types of customers, corporations and events for the general public, charities etc. Events - Live Art - Music/Urban events/breakdancing battles/DJ competitions/Live music/DJs - Secret Walls 3 Murals/Commissions - Commercial - Private/Residential - Product/Apparel

聲花畫廊 及 Mischief 呈獻 - Mischievous 頑


來自亞洲至美國的藝術家將會以不同的媒介及技法去展示他們的實力。除了Secret Walls™旗下的相片原作以外,是次展覽之展品還包括印刷、畫作以及與我們Mischief品牌有聯繫的藝術家所提供的相片。


  • Bao [香港]
  • Kenji Chai [馬來西亞]
  • Uncle [香港]
  • Rainbo [香港]
  • Kenji Takabayashi aka Python [紐約 / 日本]
  • Stern Rockwell [紐約 / 香港]



我們的價值觀是去創造一間具包容性及「開心有趣」的公司,與我們的顧客及僱用的人緊密結合,並且令兩者相融以獲得滿意的合作經驗。我們有三個主要服務範疇:我們已為不同顧客、公司、公眾活動及慈善團體等採用:活動 - 即場藝術表演 包括音樂 / 城市活動 / 霹靂舞挑戰 / DJ比賽 / 音樂表演 / DJs - Secret Walls 3個系列的壁畫 / 受商業、私人及住宅的委託工作 - 產品/服裝。

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