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Biography: Catherine Grossrieder

CathLove is an artist and graphic designer who's of mixed heritage (Thai/Swiss) from Hong Kong. Inspirations for her art and design are sourced from contemporary urban culture and the surreal. While growing up, she was conditioned by different cultures and watched western cartoons and anime on weekends, which helped mold her artistic style of today. Her favorite topics include consumerism, current affairs and subjects that many can relate to in everyday life. CathLove loves to create engaging visual feasts for viewers. She enjoys drawing, doing vector graphics, painting and she chooses her medium according to her mood.

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Biography: Dylan DeRose

Dylan DeRose (b. 1991) is an American artist based in Hong Kong. He received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked closely with The Creators Project in Brooklyn. Dylan’s practice is rooted in the medium of photography, but strays in attempts at defining a new value system for the image in the post-internet era. Currently Dylan’s primary interests explore the deconstruction of elements within themed experiences, Chinese cultural constructs, and alienation.

Biography: Lio Yeung

Lio Yeung ( was graduated in BA (Hons) in Visual Communications in Hong Kong. He has worked as a senior art director in advertising for 6 years for Leo Burnett, Grey and JWT. His works have taken prizes in One Show, Cannes, D&AD and TDC in Japan. In 2009, he was awarded the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Awards Scholarship and took the opportunity to work in Studio Dumbar in Netherlands. In the same year, he started his project “A is Green, R is Red”. Believing commercials can be as inspiring as art, he studied in MA Graphic in Chelsea in London in 2010 and set up Art-Glossary magazine with Masa Inaba to create a sharing platform for artists and designers from all over the world.

Being a good observer in life, Lio tries to explore the millions possibilities of a single object that derived from different people.

Lio Yeung畢業於香港視覺傳意榮譽文學士學位。他在廣告界工作六年,曾為Leo Burnett,Grey及JWT等著名廣告公司擔任高級藝術總監。其作品更曾獲得日本One show、Cannes 、D&AD及TDC的獎項。在2009年,他榮獲香港青年設計才俊大獎,並開始在荷蘭Studio Dumbar的事業。同年,他亦展開了「A is Green R is Red」的企劃。堅信廣告創作與藝術能同時具有啟發性。他於2010年在倫敦的切爾西修讀MA Graphic,並與Masa Inaba創辦Art-Glossary雜誌,藉此為來自世界各地的藝術家及設計師提供一個能互相交流與分享資訊的平台。作為一位良好的觀察者,Lio嘗試在日常生活中探討從不同人的眼中看同一件事物。可能性有千百萬個,結果卻只得一個。

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