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Voxfire Gallery, /F 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Participating Hong Kong based artists:
Tang Ying Chi + San Chiu Yan + Harold de Puymorin

Hong Kong has experienced much ups and downs in recent years, from celebrations to conflicts, from clarity to confusion, from questions about identity to questions about belonging.

And through it all, we realize the city we call home is in its most raw essence… Still Hong Kong.

Still Hong Kong is a cross medium exhibition, and will showcase a trio artists telling the Hong Kong story each in their own unique ways. They also reflect the city’s increasingly diverse mix of creative talents, from Hong Kong natives to overseas artists who are establishing themselves in the city’s growing art scene:

Tang Ying Chi is an established artist, teacher and mentor to our city’s new crop of young artists. Tang creates ‘self-portraits’ of Hong Kong through “digital projection to canvas” painting techniques. From cityscapes to snapshots of people’s lives, her works truly capture moments in time in the city. Her works are critically well received from academics and the city’s arts and cultural institutions alike.

Harold de Puymorin is a French artists currently residing in, working from, and inspired by Hong Kong. And there is no metropolis that can feed de Puymorin’s passion for geometry, angles, and colours. His work showcases our city from the perspective of a fantastical dreamer with a dash of moody romance, they truly pushes our imagination and view of this city.

San Chiu Yan is a Hong Kong native and emerging star in the city’s creative scene. A designer by training, San questions the line between fine art and commercial design by blurring the line in his series of works. San injects art into brands such as Delsey on and most recently collaborated in the “Carry Art Project” with accessories designer Carmen Chan.

鄧凝姿、Harold de Puymorin, 辛朝殷




Harold de Puymorin,法藉駐港藝術家,在港工作、在港啟蒙。de Puymorin對都會的幾何、角度、顏色甚為偏愛,作品多反映城市內較為夢幻、極端的一面,展現充滿幻想及多面的香港。

辛朝殷,土生土長的香港仔、創作界的新星。來自設計背景,申氏的作品游走於藝術及設計品之類,並引領作品與不同品牌合作,最近的合作伙伴有Delsey及設計師Carmen Chan的”Carry Art Project”。


Exhibition Period:
From March 6th to March 14, 2015

Vernissage Party:
Friday, March 6th, 2015 from 7pm to 10pm (Free admission)

Voxfire Gallery
1/F 52 Gage Street, Central (entrance on Aberdeen Street)

Exhibition Period:
Tue – Fri: 12pm – 7pm
Sat: 12pm – 6pm
Sun / Mon: By appointment

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Office: +852-2581-3385
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